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MiniMakers 30 Piece Craft Wood Kit


MiniMakers Craft Wood Supply Kit. Includes 30 pieces of solid empress tree wood (similar to bass, very hard but light and easy to work with). Kit Includes : Two (2) – 300mm x 200mm x 19mm Pieces Two (2) – 300mm x 200mm x 8mm Pieces Two (2) – 300mm x 200mm x 4mm Pieces Five (5) – 30mm x 200mm x 30mm Pieces Five (5) – 30mm x 200mm x 8mm Pieces Two (2) – 330mm Dowels (1/8” diameter) Four (4) – 330mm Dowels (1/4” diameter) Four (4) – 38mm x 38mm x 38mm Pieces Four (4) – 100mm Diameter x 15mm Rounds The wood is all unfinished and sanded smooth to 280 grit. Ready to be worked, painted, stained or left natural. Perfect for making all sorts of wood crafts such as: – Coasters – Planes – Boats – DIY Gardens – Building Blocks – Games and Dice – So much more! Your imagination is the limit! Empress wood (also known as Kiri in Japan, Paulownia in Europe and Princess Wood) is incredibly hard and strong. In fact, it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood in the world at 288 kg/m3 (compared to balsa wood at 160 kg/m3). The wood is natural, non-toxic and light in colour. All of the pieces in the kit are solid wood with no plywood pieces or glued or joined pieces. This makes this kit perfect for crafts and wood projects of all sorts.