Award winning STEM education program for kids 5-12

What is MiniMakers?

MiniMakers is a community and a hub for makers ages 5-12, perfect for makers, creators, artists, and inventors. We believe in a hands-on, non screen dependent approach to learning. Join countless others in a lifelong journey of creating, and innovating!

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Our Programs and Products

Year long STEAM Classes (Ages 5-12)

Full immersion in multidisciplinary STEM education with new makers projects every week with featured science concepts, experiments, games and activities.  Brings in current events and new science to connect the world and the science behind it in context, every week.

Birthday Parties

With MiniMakers Birthday Parties we can help you plan a completely customizable event for your child in our one-of-a-kind Makerspace that is sure to leave a lasting, memorable impression. 

Makers Merch

Interested in tools and kits to build on your own? Or looking for MiniMakers apparel & safety gear? Shop our STEM kits, child safe tools, and more!

MiniMakers Online

A subscription to a unique educational experience delivered to your door

Receive monthly STEM projects and lessons, that can be enjoyed at home. Follow along with Professor Newton, to learn the science concepts behind each kit.

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About Us

MiniMakers are young makers who DREAM big through a wide range of knowledge to draw from.  MiniMakers CREATE new ideas and plans to make them real.  MiniMakers BUILD their imaginations into reality.  MiniMakers INSPIRE themselves and others to know they can make the world around them better, with the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage to make it happen.