Minimakers is owned and operated by MiniMakers Inc. – a private company registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Minimakers was founded in 2020 with the goal of igniting the next generation of makers, scientists, engineers, technologists, artists, doctors or anyone with a creative spark. 

Minimakers differs from traditional STEM education since it focuses on real world demonstration and application of the principles learned and our makers literally make everything!  They use our specialized child-safe tools to build wonderful creations using what they learned.

Our makers build confidence, know-how and a genuine understanding of how the world around them works, and their place in it.  They look at problems as opportunities to try solutions and to make the world just a little bit better.  Our makers also look at the world as something they can change – whether fixing something instead of discarding it or fabricating something to solve a need or problem.

Our goal is to reach, educate and inspire as many youth as possible to raise the general appreciation and understanding of science and making.  Minimakers is expanding studios across North America and offers an online – home delivery version of the primary STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programs offered.  The local studios also offer advanced education, tutoring, camps, after-school programs and incredible makers parties.  

Our makers are between six and twelve years of age and we believe that introduction of advanced sciences early in life forms a valuable, lifelong foundation for them to draw upon as they grow.  Instead of beginning sciences in high school (like chemistry, biology, etc.), starting much earlier in life provides a deeper fundamental understanding that grows with our makers – who move on to excel in advanced education in STEM fields.

Minimakers is positioned to be the leading North American youth focused makerspace and advanced STEM education centre.

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