About Our Playland Explorers Camp

This unique experience will help make STEM concepts real, as your little amusement park explorer will learn everything there is to know about the engineering and innovative processes behind Playland’s legendary rides.

Don’t miss this thrill seeking adventure! 



Welcome to the ultimate adventure for your young fair explorers!

Ride into a world of wonder at our exclusive Playland summer camp.

Prepare for an extraordinary summer camp experience, as your child becomes a budding inventor, exploring Playland like never before. 

Our innovative camp seamlessly blends the excitement of amusement park thrills with the wonders of science. Imagine starting your day plunging down roller coasters and racing bumper cars, then immersing yourself in hands-on science experiments and STEM challenges that ignite your curiosity and creativity. From exploring the physics behind loop-the-loops to unraveling the chemistry of cotton candy, every moment is a chance to discover the science hidden within the excitement of amusement parks. Join us for a summer of unforgettable adventures, where the thrill of discovery meets the rush of amusement park fun!

Our Playland Explorers Camp will cover these thrilling topics (subject to change)