Tutoring – MakersMath – South Surrey – Fridays (4:45PM to 5:45pm) – Grades 3, 4, 7, 8

MakersMath is a math tutoring program aligned to the grade structure of the provincial math curriculum in British Columbia, Canada and consistent with Canadian math standards.  We hold grade specific classes (or 2 grade split classes) to focus on exactly what your little maker needs to build a solid math foundation and augment what they learn in school.  MakersMath helps students comprehend the real application of math versus abstract paper exercises.  For example, calculating arcs on paper will teach you the math, calculating arcs in real life to help your catapult you just made be more accurate is fun math in action.  Another example, instead of learning about algebra on paper alone, imagine working on predicting the outcome of a model car race by calculating acceleration (which is an unknown but we do know the distance, motor speed, tire revolution rate and time – so we’re good).  Even for our youngest mathematicians, learning to count, add subtract and multiply using physical objects builds much faster and strong comprehension of basic principles to build upon.  MakersMath uproots the “I won’t use this in real life” view from our makers through showing them how math and their daily lives compliment each other and enable more of a broader understanding of the world around them.  Through genuine comprehension of the “what the maths do for you”, our makers demonstrate improved confidence, knowhow and skill in performing a wide range of practical and theoretical math.

MakersMath is ideal for students who wish to improve their math abilities and understanding, whether that be to support their current grade level or advance beyond the school curriculum.  Our placement will ensure your makers are always challenged and never left behind.