Tutoring – MakersBiology – South Vancouver – Trial Class – Grades K-8

MakersBiology is an advanced early learning biology program for students who are interested in natural sciences, love animals and wants to know how life works.  We hold grade specific classes (or 2 grade split classes) to focus on exactly what your little maker needs to build a solid biology foundation and augment what they learn in school.  In these tutoring sessions, your little makers will observe the natural world, build models to understand core concepts, learn about biological functions in nature and study the living world.  Whether they are building gardens for microscopic soil analysis, building a bee keeper to assist the local bee population or learning how to make hybrid plants of their very own, each week they will put biology in action as they build a deeper understanding of the world.

Perfect for your little maker if they aspire to be a marine biologist, doctor, chemist, scientist, biologist, or just have a desire to learn more about organic life and the world around us.

This trial class gives your little maker an opportunity to try one of our sessions to see how they enjoy it.  If you choose to activate a full membership, the cost of your trial will be credited towards your membership.