Weekly session – every Friday

Course Time: 5:00pm to 6:00pm (60 mins)

Ages : 6 – 12 year olds



The MiniMakers weekly After School Sessions are perfect for little makers who are interested in creative design, making things, problem solving and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math). A key aspect of MiniMakers is providing opportunities for kids to innovate and that requires taking them through the process of innovation from start to finish, over a 4-week period. Your little makers will learn the design process that will be useful for life and develop the skills to turn their imagination into reality.  They will build comfort using age appropriate, child-safe tools, including a number of different materials.  They will also learn how to plan in pieces and how to assemble complex creations – all with the help of professional instructors.  MiniMakers offers a safe learning environment that helps build important skills and confidence in our makers – all the while having a lot of fun, building a life long love for creation, science and imagination.


Skills Developed Throughout the Program:

  • Creative Design Process (from imagination to made)
  • Crafting and DIY Builds (arts and crafts at the next level!)
  • Safety Awareness (the skill of identifying hazards and always being safe)
  • Practical Mathematics (e.g. calculating measurements and angles)
  • Mechanism Engineering and Simple Machines (levers, hinges, simple motors, etc.
  • Technology Integration (safe, low voltage motors, led lights, simple switches, basic electric fundamentals, etc.)
  • Art (aesthetic design and creative expression)
  • Woodworking (using child safe age appropriate tools that can cut wood but not skin)




  1. Develop an understanding of the prototyping process, from ideation and design, to prototyping their way to a finished product.

  2. Enable innovation to build creative confidence and sense of personal accomplishment.

  3. Develop intermediate mechanical, artistic and calibration capabilities.

  4. Develop an understanding of a CO2 laser and practical experience of the ‘Lightburn’ program/software.



Starting with providing an opportunity for them to imagine and then harnessing their creative energy to develop a tangible idea. This idea will then be used to design a schematic/blueprint to scale, incorporating applied mathematics to calibrate their model. The next step will be building and assembling a prototype, using wood and the CO2 laser cutter. They will then be carried through the testing process to assess its application and construction, and make necessary modifications, 2 times around if needed. The end result will be a finished model/product that they can feel proud to show off, and who knows, maybe even create something that is go-to-market ready to encourage their inner entrepreneur!


Week 1:

Design and schematics for product + materials/parts list → Laser printing and preparing building blocks/pieces

Week 2:

Build and construction of the first prototype (A)

Week 3:

Assess prototype A and make necessary modifications to the schematics/design.

Week 4:

Build and finish final product and schematics/design.