Dates: Nov 24th, Dec 1st, Dec 8th, Dec 15th.

MiniMaker programs focus on STEM, Design, Creative Thinking and Art with projects aligned to seasonal trends and maker interests.  This program will help build a holistic understanding of the creative process; imaging something, planning it, making it happen and understanding how it all works.  These lifelong skills will augment and enhance what schools can do alone while offering your little maker the chance to build friendships, have fun and learn.  The classes also include science demonstrations intended to inspire, wow and amaze – building a lasting love for learning and a positive association to science, technology, engineering and math.

Makers will all use age appropriate and safe tools, a wide range of craft and art supplies and materials of all kinds. Using these, your maker could build and assemble, all sorts of creations!  For this workshop they will have the opportunity to try out the tools, plus assemble a kit and decorate the finished item.

Projects range from woodworking projects to kits like catapults, solar systems (or snow-lar systems), solar powered cars, light sabers, to art pieces, models, games, practical items and more. No two days will ever be the same!  They will build maker skills to last a lifetime while having an amazing time.

And did we mention the popcorn machine that never fails to delight? After a day of making and learning, who doesn’t love a box of popcorn, right? 😉


What’s Included:

Supplies, popcorn, science demonstrations and so much fun! The safe way to ignite the ambitions of tomorrow’s engineers, inventors, innovators, artists, makers and creativists!