Nature Explorers Summer Camps 2023

Registration now open!

Your little NATURE Explorer will:

  • Learn animal biology, conservation and a range of STEM subjects
  • Enjoy the the Greater Vancouver Zoo, public exhibits and behind the scenes exclusive to Nature Explorers
  • They will spend their week outdoors in the Minimakers Summer Campus at the pavilions in the Zoo itself where we have built a custom makerspace for our Explorers.
  • Meet and engage with zookeepers, vetrinarians and conservation experts to advance practical learning
  • Build a wide array of inventions, models and creations – all for them to keep (e.g. animal inspired robots and models, etc.)
  • Have fun, make friends and advance their skills and knowledge

We all dream bigger with knowledge, skill and understanding earned from our daily waking lives.  The NATURE Explorers camps provide a fun and engaging learning environment where games, knowledge, science and skill building are one in the same. 

Imagine learning all about nature (right next to that nature), then creating a plan for a robotic animal to build and keep.   

Your little NATURE Explorer will build hands on skills for creating their own imagined inventions.  Using child safe Minimakers tools, they can learn techniques and skills to last a lifetime while empowering them to see their vision into reality.

The true inspiration comes from the growth you will see in your Explorer.  Their understanding of the natural world and environments, why they are important and what we can do to conserve them for generations is what we aspire to inspire in them at NATURE Explorers.