Watch a sample of Episode 2 – Dinosaurs with this interactive video.

Each 15-30 minute episode solves a new problem from a scientist across time and space

All builds supported by vibrant animation and step by step instructions

The Structure of Minimakers Online


Join Mr. Newton and the Minimakers as they learn, solve problems, build and have fun.  Each episode introduces an original key topic, no two are ever the same.  This section of each episode introduces the concept and begins to give information related to the theme.

The Problem:

Each episode, the Minimakers are contacted by a scientist who is having a problem they need help with.  The Minimakers are eager to assist using innovation, creativity, science and maker skills to solve the problem.

The Adventure:

The Minimakers and Mr.Newton use their makers portal to visit sites around the globe and well beyond to help their scientist friends.  Each environemnt is custom illustrated and incorporates elements reinforcing the learning and creating a whimsical learning environment full of fun.

The Solution:

Build alongside the Minimakers as they create the solution to the scientist’s problem.  Everything needed is included in the monthly kit, including additional ideas for more fun, games and learning to be done with their new creation.

Minimakers Online Commercial for December Teaser

Minimakers Online Commercial for Campaign Launch in Spring 2023

Home Workshop Commercial – The Imagination Maker