MAKERS Math Tutoring

MiniMakers MAKERS Math Tutoring brings math to life for students we engage and assist. Math can be hard to mentally visualize and concepts can be abstract on paper. Our tutoring uses physical objects and real life problems to develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of math's application in the real world. We work with your child on developing the knowledge, skill and ability to use math in a practical way, making future paper exercises easier to conceptualize.

MAKERS Math will assist your child to reach their mathematical potential, opening the door to a wider world of STEM opportunities - always remember that math is the foundation of all technologies and sciences!

We will be offering in-studio tutoring (maximum group size is 5 students per tutor) and online tutoring (both group and private sessions). Online students will need to purchase the Makers Math starter kit ($29) to have the items needed to participate.

Full pricing and schedules will be sent to all those who are pre-registered and spaces will be offered based on the order of pre-registration.
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