MiniMakers Camps are full of adventure, creativity, imagination and fun!

Designed for youth ages 5 to 12, the camps will give your little maker an opportunity to learn a wide array of skills and knowledge, all the while having an amazing time!

Over the week, they will build amazing creations (like remote control cars, solar systems with working orbits, crawling robots, catapults, walking dinosaurs, conveyor belts, scissor lifts, etc.).  They will plan, and build their own work, which they will keep – all the while engaging with new friends, sharing their experience and creating lifelong memories.

During this camp, your child will learn how to use a number of specialty age appropriate tools.  For example, our jigsaws can cut wood and plastic, but cannot cut skin and are safe for child use ages 5+.  They will use it in our custom studio where sawdust and air-born particles are sucked into the table itself instead of moving into the air, further improving the environment.  Safety is our primary core value and all students will wear eye and ear protection in addition to health requirements (masks, social distancing, etc.).

Your child will also keep all the inventions and creations they make and have the opportunity to customize them from accessories and equipment in our Maker Store.

After the week, your child will have a number of new skills, the knowledge to safely use them and the confidence to know they can succeed.