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The Brachiosaurus, a magnificent dinosaur of the Late Jurassic period, roamed the Earth around 154-153 million years ago. This colossal herbivore hailed from North America, Africa, and possibly other regions, traversing lush, forested environments.

It stood as one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs, reaching heights of about 40-50 feet at the shoulders, with its neck elongating to an incredible length, contributing to an overall height of around 85 feet. This immense size, coupled with its iconic long neck and relatively small head, made the Brachiosaurus an awe-inspiring sight.

Feeding on a herbivorous diet, this gentle giant consumed vast quantities of plants. Its diet likely consisted of conifers, ferns, and other vegetation that flourished in the ancient forests. Its long neck enabled it to reach vegetation high above the ground, allowing it to access food sources that other herbivores couldn’t.

The Brachiosaurus’s massive size and unique physical characteristics make it a fascinating and iconic member of the dinosaur kingdom, sparking curiosity and wonder about the ancient world it once inhabited.

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 Interactive Learning: Encourage imaginative play while comprehending the fascinating mechanics behind dinosaur movement.


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