Just like MakersClub, just on a Friday evening!  Every week, your little makers will dream new ideas, create plans to make them real, build them into life and inspire themselves and others.  Our makers learn a range of science and makers skills to develop the skills and confidence to make a better future.

$99.99 / month

6PM to 7PM every Friday

See MakersClub for Workshop Details

MiniMakers Movie Nights are every Friday at each of our studios.  Parents can register their children from 6:45pm to 9pm then go enjoy a dinner out or some quiet time at home.  For our MakersClub members, they get 75% off movie nights as part of their membership for themsleves and any guests they choose to bring.

$49 / Movie Night

6:45PM to 9PM every Friday

MakersClub Members get 75% off ($12.50 total per movie night – aka parents date night out for themselves and any friends they wish to bring – ask for the members discount code)