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Champlain Heights


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Sir Charles Kingsford

David Oppenheimer

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Sir Sandford


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John Henderson

St. Andrews

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Pierre Elliot

Walter Morbely

Try a single MakersClub session for $49.99

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Homeschoolers Day Sessions 10am to 11am every Wednesday

Homeschooling is an amazing way to get hands on with the education of your children and develop a truly unique educational experience for them.

MiniMakers helps bring science to life during our daytime homeschooler programs.  Your students can attend our studio daytime classes and engage with science apparatus, curriculum aligned learning materials and enjoy our unique hands on knowledge and skills development.  They will be led through content involving all sciences, technology, engineering and math over the course of the year.

Our Homeschooler sessions include 1 hour per week all month, this equals approximately $30/hour for advanced science instruction.

Try it for $49.99 for one session here or

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Enjoying MakersClub and looking to come all week?  Enjoy a discounted full time access rate and join any or all MakersClub classes, anytime.

Not Sure and Want to Try It Out?

For $49.99 you can schedule a drop in class for your little maker to give it a try.  They will be able to experience a class and can help them know if this is something they want to do.  They will build something fun and be able to take home their creation!

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