Our dreams come from the limits of our imagination.  Our knowledge, expertise and skill and fuel our imagination to new heights and we believe that by arming our makers with knowledge, they will dream bigger! 

In MakersBiology, your little maker will learn about the natural world and develop a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature.  This knowledge and skill will enable them to dream new futures.


We learn how to create our dreams and imaginations in the real world through design thinking, planning and earned expertise.

In MakersBiology, we will create research plans and biological studies to engage your little maker and develop a sense of connection to biology from a place of understanding, interest and care.


Our makers build something new everyday!  They use natural and fully recyclable materials to make all sorts of wonderful creations – that they always get to keep.

In MakersBiology, we will build environments to demonstrate the learning and develop the associated skills to work with biological materials.  From building gardens for microscopic soil analysis to replicating the structure of a bee leg to help pollinate, they will build the biology they learn.


Our makers inspire themselves and others to look at the world as something to be understood and something that can always be improved.

In MakersBiology inspires our makers to see the natural world as it is, and appreciate the dynamic complexity of our environment.  They will be inspired and inspire others to care for our world and be armed with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful difference.

What is MakersBiology?

  • MakersBiology is a biology and natural sciences tutoring program aligned to the grade structure of the provincial curriculum in British Columbia, Canada and consistent with Canadian science standards.  MakersBiology exceeds the curriculum and enables our makers to delve deep into biology and the living world.
  • We hold grade specific classes (or 2 grade split classes) to focus on exactly what your little maker needs to build a solid science and biology foundation and augment what they learn in school.
  • MakersBiology helps students comprehend the living world and the complex and intricate interactions between living organisms and the environment.
  • Your makers will also learn about internal biology and associated health implications.  From culturing the bacteria on our hands to see what is on them to developing yeasts to make bread, we cover it all.
  • Even for our youngest biologists, learning about their favourite animals, both present and extinct.  They get to interact with specimins, analyze fossils and perform other biological studies.
  • MakersBiology uproots the “I won’t use this in real life” view from our makers through showing them how biology and science are a part of their daily lives and builds a understanding of the world around them.
  • MakersBiology is ideal for students who wish to learn biology and associated sciences.  Aspirations of being a doctor, marine biologist, researcher, chemist or just love animals is all it takes to move MakersBiology.
  • Our placement will ensure your makers are always challenged and never left behind.