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This STEM Kit Demonstrates These Science Concepts:

  • Gravitational Potential and Kinetic Energy: Witness the marble’s transformation between potential energy at higher points and kinetic energy as it descends, showcasing the principle of energy conversion.

  • Gear Systems: Understand the function of gears, including their sizes and arrangements, and learn how gear mechanisms transfer motion and power.

  • Friction and Motion: Explore the impact of friction on the movement of marbles and learn how to optimize the track design for efficient motion.

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Minimakers Gear Wheel STEM Kit Marble Run

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of physics and mechanics with the Minimakers Gear Wheel STEM Kit Marble Run! This captivating kit features a three-gear lifting mechanism and a multi-step fall, providing an immersive learning experience in science and engineering principles.

  1. Three-Gear Lifting Mechanism: Explore the intricate world of gears as the kit showcases a sophisticated three-gear lifting mechanism. Witness the transfer of rotational motion and understand how gears work together to elevate marbles to different heights along the track.

  2. Multi-Step Fall: Experience the excitement of a multi-step fall where marbles navigate through a series of precisely designed steps, demonstrating the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy as the marbles descend.

  3. Physics Demonstrations: Delve into physics concepts such as gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and mechanical advantage. Witness how the three-gear mechanism utilizes energy to lift marbles, and observe the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy as the marbles cascade down the multi-step fall.

  4. Mechanical Engineering: Gain insights into mechanical systems by assembling and configuring the gear mechanisms. Learn about gear ratios, torque, and the interplay of gears in transferring motion, fostering an understanding of mechanical advantage.

  5. Hands-On Learning: Assemble the marble run using provided wooden components and gears, encouraging problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Engage in an interactive building process that brings theoretical concepts to life.

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